Männer Weihnachtsgeschenke
at home / 21.11.2015

Men Christmas Gifts

You small christmas gnome. Christmas is near and I am sure you certainly still have to get all the gifts. I still must get everything but I’m always late with getting everything together. Well to make sure that 24.12 is not tomorrow, I’ve taken a little choice on men christmas gifts. Everything does not have to make sense but the warning ninepin really would be a cool gag would`t it? I need to laugh when I saw it. But well, it is sold out!

Although the tool set i really stereotyped but extremely cool and I would be pleased about it just the same as my husband! Every year it is once again a small challenge to find a fitting present. But perhaps you should not get in trouble to much about finding  the coolest most terrific and most world’s best present in the universe. Sometimes also little gifts are very big. I know that my husband also would be very pleased about a knitted cap or socks. What about you? What do you think about the ideas?

1. Bag 44€ Dawanda
2. Lunchbag – Hook Line & Sinker 29,99 Asos
3. Flachmann – 17,99€ Asos
4.Wool beani  – Devold 42€ manufactum
5. Grown Alchemist Shave Set 49,99€ Douglas
6. 6 in 1 Tool Set – 19,90€ merci-merci
7. Ninepin- 7,49€ Asos
8. Flachmann Set –  17,99€ Asos
9. Bag – Farah 36,99€ Asos

Men Christmas Gifts

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