Fashion / 20.01.2016

Knitted Winter Jumper

The best to wear on cold days is a cosy knitted winter jumper. But for me it is a little bit difficult to find the right one. I’m always looking small or like a baby elephant in knitted jumper. But with this beige jumper I’m really happy. It is my absolut favorite.

|Knitted Winter Jumper.

I’ve got this knitted jumper for three seasons now. And it is still as new! Unbreakable. I could wear it under a coat without looking like a sausage. The only disadvantage is to wash it. I will never ever give a woolen jumper into the washing machine again! My last one von Stefanel was destroyed after washing it. I only hand wash it. But it’s okay for me.
However, did I told you that this jumper was a real bargain in a second hand shop? It was 5€ as I can remember. Same with the leggings (3€).

Knitted jumper – Secondhand (Zara)
Coat – Secondhand (Zara)
Leggings – H&M (Secondhand)
Boots – Secondhand (Clarks)

Mantel Wald LeggingsPullover aus Strick Wald Mantel Zara OutdoorPullover aus Strick Wald Mantel Zara Outdoor Wollmantel H&MMantel WaldPullover aus Strick Wald Mantel Zara Outdoor Wollmantel H&M ChelseabootsDSC_0310WaldleHover Wald Mantel Knitted Winter Jumper Zara

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