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Create a Picture Wall

There is one wall in our corridor that is only white and boring. So I decided to create a picture wall. My husband took many analogue pictures years ago and we always have to many picture frames. So the wall was filled very soon with our favorite photos.But we did not only use photos. I need a little mix. Therefore I also have framed postcards from our last holiday in France and a moth poster which we bought in a museum. In addition, I could choose poster at So I choose a poster with a little earth male.

| Create a Picture Wall

Although it is the main function of picture-frames still to protect the pictures from wetness, dust etc. but furthermore they are the perfect wall decoration. A picture wall lives from mixing different styles. Different styles, motives, frame sizes, colours and materials like wood or metal provide a terrific dynamics on the wall. We have our picture-frames from everywhere. Partly new but also heirlooms or flea market treasures. How do you like our picture wall?

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