Travel / 10.12.2015

Error Fare – Cheap Flights

You want to go on a cheap vacation and you are spontaneous too? Then we have something special for you! Have you already heard of an “error fare”?
An error fare is a prize mistake of flights. By certain mistakes in the reservation systems of airlines, travel agencies or booking platforms the prices of flight tickets can become very low.

How does an error fare work?

The mistakes can originate from human failure or for example from transference mistakes. Because a flight ticket consists of many factors like taxes or kerosene, the price gets very low if one factor is forgotten.

Where do I find such offers?

Error Fares are mostly not online for a long period of time. Therefore you have to be quick. Websites like “Urlaubsguru”, “Urlaubspiraten” or “Urlaubsdealer” find daily offers. So it`s worth to keep an eye one these travel websites. In general it also makes sense to search through different flight platforms for offers because if you are spontaneous you can find there very cool offers.

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